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The color reference book

Farbstreifen | Color samples

All my pictures are based on the idea of ​​construction. I am building my pictures on to a certain processes that I invent, that I work out and optimize until they fit. One of these processes is regarding how I deal with color.

I use in my paintings only six basic colors. Out of these basic colors I mix a range of up to ten colors. These ten colors again are arranged in transparent layers on my pictures, creating the final shades of colors.

From six to ten to infinite

As my ten tones are not pure colors, the result of the layers on the paper is always somehow unpredictable. Since I always try, to outwit my planning urge, this kind of surprise on the one hand is quite welcome, on the other side it could let an image easily run into the wrong direction. For this reason, to estimate a bit better the results and to explore the possibilities of the color spectrum I can archive, I combined all my 10 colors with each others and in different proportions on stripes of paper, to document the resulting shades … or at least, in which direction the shades go, since the transparency of the color always plays a role and changes slightly each time I am mixing them.

Farbreferenzbuch | Color reference book

The production of the color stripes.

I am using only six basic colors in my paintings.

In total, I’ve created 210 color stripes, which I have now at my fingertips in the color reference book. Since the stripes are fixed with photo corners, they can be taken out easily and perfectly used to compile color combinations or to look at how a certain color would fit next to an existing one.

Farbreferenzbuch | Color reference book

The color reference book. The numbers state which color has been used how often.

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