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Preparing my show in NYC


My current project, the exhibition of my artwork at The Yard in NY’s Lower East Side turns out to be rather ambitious, but is a lot of fun. There are new experiences to archive and new challenges to take on, things that make life worth living and exciting. Part of the challenge is the fact, that everything has to be set up within two weeks and the shipping and hanging of the pictures.

Meanwhile I have selected the works for the show and worked out how and where I would like them to be hung, new prints are in production and I’ve ordered all the frames.

As my day job requires me for the completion of a web project, which must go online simultaneously 3’883.25 miles away, I can not be in New York on the spot and do not know personally the person who will hang the pictures – a friend of a friend, whose task is simply to bang the nails in the walls directed by me and hang the artworks. I therefore like to organize everything right now, thinking of all possible options, to make sure, all works out smoothly at the end. There are days, I open my eyes in the morning with a question in my mind. For example, what to do with the transport box during the show? We do not have a basement in New York to keep it and anyway, how would I transport it from the Lower East Side up to Lenox Hill? My biggest fear, however, is that the glasses of the picture frames may break during transport. If I were on the spot, I could find new glasses there and fix the problem but I guess it is quite complicated to coordinate that from Europe. I therefore want to try everything possible to avoid the breakage of the glasses.


So today I spent in my studio, trying to find out, how to pack the framed pictures in their boxes, avoiding that the glasses may be charged during transportation. I think the best way is to fill the space between the frame surface and the glass on the front and the back side of the pictures. I covered the glasses with two layers of bubble wrap and padded the backside with multiple layers of cardboard. Fortunately, I have enough old cartons and wrap from another project which didn’t work out – time to recycle them.

Before I packed the pictures and frames, which were issued in the studio since my last exhibition last year, I took them all apart, cleaned and reframed them. In order to be able to identify the packaged images, I glued a small thumbnail picture of it on each box and provided it with a number, that identifies the floor, the wall and the position in which I want the picture to be hung, so the guy hanging the pictures, thanks to another plan I’ve made, knows exactly where to hang it.

How the individual picture boxes will be packed together for transport, is what I am still working out at the moment. First I thought of one large wooden box but now I think that this – apart of the storage problem during the show – might be simply to heavy to move it even from the studio to the street. Maybe three separate boxes for each sizes of the pictures are a better solution? I still have some time to think about that…

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