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  • Matthias Maier | Blog | Geometrix Roche 125 Years

    Roche – 125 years celebrating life

    Roche in Basel, Switzerland celebrates its 125th anniversary with a light projection on their Tower on the Rhine river. I’ve been informed that my submitted Geometrix work has been selected as part of the event, taking place at the end of the month.

  • Matthias Maier | Blog | Kings

    The Kings

    Are you wearing the crown in your life? I mean for yourself. Do you determine your life or do other people or circumstances determine it? Are there addictions, fears or habits that prevent you from living the true version of yourself?

  • Friday 13th

    It’s Friday the 13th – are you superstitious? I am not. Not anymore. Well, I never was in terms of those typical things like the fear of the number 13 or of the black cat crossing your path from the left. But there’s a whole set of thought patterns that we acquire that are based on the principle of superstition.

  • What I have learned from hiking

    I love hiking! Living in Switzerland most time of the year, I am blessed with a spectacular nature right on my doorstep. Even though there’s not much of it in Basel, after an hour or two train ride, you’re in another world. Surrounded by nature and with the goal of climbing a mountain.

  • Matthias Maier | About mixing colors

    About mixing colors

    Realising my paintings is a process consisting of different steps and I like all of them. However, the actual process of painting is the most fascinating part for me. This is where the magic happens. This is when I stop working with my head and start working with my heart. It’s the moment when I deeply feel connected and with that profound calm happiness and peaceful satisfaction inside.