Creativity is a journey, not a destination

Welcome to the Website of Matthias Maier, a visual artist based in Basel, Switzerland and New York City


♥︎ urban photography, painting & finding connections between things, by putting them into grids.

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A collection of random moments on ordinary days as well as inspirational quotes.

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Friday 13th

It’s Friday the 13th – are you superstitious? I am not. Not anymore. Well, I never was in terms of those typical things like the fear of the number 13 or of the black cat crossing your path from the left. But there’s a whole set of thought patterns that we acquire that are based on the principle of superstition.


What I have learned from hiking

I love hiking! Living in Switzerland most time of the year, I am blessed with a spectacular nature right on my doorstep. Even though there’s not much of it in Basel, after an hour or two train ride, you’re in another world. Surrounded by nature and with the goal of climbing a mountain.