About the works…and myself

About the paintings

Life is a collection of moments and stories in which we play our roles, roles that we are constantly changing. Each of us is different and each one experiences the same world in a different way, biased and through filters which have been given to us growing up and by experiences we’ve made. There are countless views of each detail which is one of an infinite number of details of which our environment is made of. We try to bring order into this chaos, make plans that we discard later or that are transformed by life itself.

In my pictures I take up these ideas, by following this perception of life. Each image has a plan based on a grid of which it is composed and a repertoire of repetitive patterns is used. But then the unpredictable comes into play. The layers of transparent color work like filters applied on the plan. The tone of the color changes layer by layer and the final result arises only on the paper. What remains of the original story, what is the truth? A final coating of french earth pigments symbolizes the patina, the ephemeral which everything is subject to. It changes the overall impression of each painting at the very last moment.

Paintings Matthias Maier

About Geometrix

The more modern we become, the greater grows the gap between nature and us. We are about to lose contact, building ourselves a virtual world behind smooth and glossy screens. No frills, no unnecessary ornaments decorate the modern buildings we build and in which we spend our lives.

Geometrix explores the question: what happens when nature is forced into a grid? When does the original image, the original meaning get lost and transcend into a pattern? When will the floral forms be seen as geometric shapes and the original motif recognizable only on a closer look?

In some works, the initial photos have been manipulated by blending multiple images together which results in fascinating color geometries.

Geometrix Matthias Maier

About the photography

If you try to own what you love, chances are you are destroying it, from the very first moment you make it yours. From the flower you cut, to the man you want to be, the way you want him to be. True love sets free and does not possess.

Photography for me is capturing all that beauty and love out there and keep it forever mine: the moments, the stories they tell, the obvious and the hidden ones, the beautiful beauty and the ugly beauty. All done without even touching the original, without leaving traces of my presence.

Photography for me is also applying my own filters on the copy of the original, giving the image my accent, my emotion, telling the story through my own visual language.

In my photos I am again influenced by my love for rhythms and grids, patterns and colors of the urban environment and architecture I live in, as well as the beauty of pure nature.

Photography Matthias Maier

About myself

Born in 1967, I grew up in Germany’s Black Forest and Milan, Italy. I live in Basel, Switzerland and love New York City, prefer thinking over talking, giving over taking and I deeply love both urban environments of cities and open nature.

Best thing you can experience in life? Synchronism! I am always blown away when the right things happen at the right time.

Visual arts have always been part of how I love to express myself, however, I suppressed the idea of being an artist until the age of 40. When I finally decided to follow my heart instead of the path others told me would be best for me, I painted stripes for over two years. Then by some chance of synchronism, my stripes turned into grids. Since the first digital cameras appeared, photography has been a part of my life and I somehow wanted to combine photography and painting into something new. This is how my paintings turned into what they are today.

Matthias Maier

Besides visual arts, I do sports like jogging, mountain-biking, yoga, hiking, swimming, taking care of people in need and listening to all kinds of music. I love interior design, books and cooking and of course my family and friends. Last but not least, I spent a great part of my time, working as web designer and frontend developer for mch-group in Basel. Yes, I am always busy–but if you do what you , this is just perfect.