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The Kings

Are you wearing the crown in your life? I mean for yourself. Do you determine your life or do other people or circumstances determine it? Are there addictions, fears or habits that prevent you from living the true version of yourself?

Are you living in harmony with your very own self, at peace with your inner child? Or are you fooling yourself into thinking you need to be someone else? Have you blossomed? Have you grown old, but not grown? Do you shine in the most beautiful colors you can bring forth?

The Kings series reflects on the bliss of living your own life and being at peace with yourself.

Matthias Maier | Blog | King VII
King VII (Detail)

The pitfalls of everyday life

We travel through our lives, which, like our environment, are in constant flux. We have dreams, desires and goals that often and unnoticed get lost in the chaos of everyday life – out of sight out of mind. Some because they may not have been as important as they first appeared or because a change has reshuffled priorities and we now prefer others.
But there are often also things in us that we don’t allow. Things we are ashamed of, because they might not fit the norm. Because we are afraid that our environment will not accept them and us as we would like to be. Or because we don’t trust ourselves to create something we would like to do. Or we have made ourselves dependent, on people, banks or addictions that suddenly have power over our free will.

Matthias Maier | Blog | King VI
King VI (Detail)

Fact Check

The discrepancy between our desires, our dreams and wishes and the life we actually live stands between us and our bliss. It prevents us from being masters of our own lives and wearing the crown in our lives.
The Kings are meant to remind us to always introspect. To question what one is doing and why. To analyze fears and accept oneself as one is. But also to be proud of what you have achieved and overcome. To hold your achievements high, to set new goals and to always look ahead.