Matthias Maier | Collage | Week 03 2023

Time out

This week is quickly told. I caught a cold and spent it mostly at home and with a tissue in front of my face. So all came to a rest for a few days.

I started into the new week differently. While everything was still fine on Sunday, I didn’t feel healthy on Monday right after I woke up. I couldn’t even tell what was wrong with me. It was just a feeling that something was not as usual and I was not in the mood to either lift weights nor to go jogging. So I started the day more leisurely than the previous ones.

A spontaneous last walk on Monday

Since Monday was a beautiful day, I went for spontaneous walk in the afternoon and bought a vase and a bowl at a thriftstore to furnish the studio kitchen. On the way back I chose the paths of Riverside park to feel a bit of nature around me and enjoy the late afternoon sun.

Matthias Maier | Blog | Riverside Park
Matthias Maier | Evening ride

Enjoying the evening sun in Riverside Park

Working from home – almost

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were days that I didn’t want to go out at all. I felt miserable. Nevertheless, since my studio is in the house next door, I went there every day for a few hours and did some work. The rest of the days were spent reading and watching Netflix while the tissues piled up next to the couch.

Matthias Maier | Park trees
Matthias Maier | Winter Skyline
Matthias Maier | Waiting for Snow

Snowless Central Park

Back to normal

Friday finally I started to feel better and on the weekend I was so fit again, we could have all the planned meals with friends.

So I didn’t take many photos during the last week. A few more impressions from a walk in Central Park on Sunday. I still hope to take pictures of snow covered landscapes soon there.  Oh yes, and I took one of the dog in the building across the street, that looked down at me pityingly, while I lay on the sofa with my cold.

Matthias Maier | Blog | Dog watching out of the window

The curious dog in the house across the street

Main Image A spontaneous collage of envelops from letters I’ve got