Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 24 2024 | Keith Haring @ Art Basel

ArtBasel again

A highlight of the year, ArtBasel took place this week and with it the first anniversary of my weekly reviews that I publish here in my stories. 

The ArtBasel week a year ago was the trigger for me to start writing a summary every week. In these weekly recaps, I go into the photos that were taken in the journal, as well as my work and personal thoughts that are currently on my mind. Today is the 52nd post in a row. I’m proud that I haven’t missed a single week, even if there were one or two mundane ones where not much happened. Life is just as beautiful in the big and exciting as it is in the small and unspectacular. Every day is a gift that we should rejoice in and be grateful for. So much is lost, forgotten, from the days we experience. So it’s all the nicer when you find some notes or a photo that brings back those lost moments. The feelings that accompanied them, the joys, the longings. Diaries are a great thing. In addition to the visual journal here on the site and the stories, I keep other journals in which I write regularly.

Matthias Maier | Painted wall
Matthias Maier | House wall Miro
Matthias Maier | Possessive

Small discoveries that bring joy in your life

Embrace the precious little things

These diaries, being private, are far more profound and detailed. Although the thoughts and photographs published here also serve as a reminder to myself, they are mainly part of my work as an artist. An expression of my mission to convey beauty. To make people aware of what is constantly happening around us, even if it doesn’t seem extraordinary. There is always something to discover: perspectives, rhythms, colors, contrasts and harmonies… We live in a damn fascinating environment that can still be exciting even if it is not beautiful or spectacular. Anyone who recognizes this will experience countless moments of happiness for which no money is needed and for which there is no need to become dependent. It is true that the best things in life are free.

Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 24 2024 | Island of the blessed by Reinhard Mucha
Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 24 2024 | The extended line by Chiharu Shiota

Two of many impressions from ArtBasel 2024. More in the Journal.

Another dimension, same effect

The works of art that were once again exhibited during ArtBasel are anything but free. Art is always based on a certain amount of commerce. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t happy about a picture of mine being sold. In addition to all the intellectual and emotional aspects, making art also requires a financial and time commitment that has to be compensated for in order to continue. Events like ArtBasel are of course a completely different dimension to my current exhibition in Laufen. But something remains the same. The energy that emanates from the artworks. Art is always the result of creativity. Something conceived and created by humans. Something that didn’t exist before. Creativity is the antithesis to destruction, to hatred, to evil. And you can feel this energy, it touches you. Just like in a museum, a visit to ArtBasel is always an experience that leaves me deeply satisfied and happy. And judging by the faces of the other visitors, they feel the same. This feeling multiplies into a bath of positive energy. Nourished by these energies, I always take a lot of inspiration with me from these visits and the desire to become active myself.

Matthias Maier | Theodor's Church
Matthias Maier | Summer colors
Matthias Maier | Summer morning

Rare moments of clear blue skies

Lot’s of Art, little blue

Art and art lovers can be found everywhere in Basel during ArtBasel week. So this week was once again a perfect summer week in Basel. Even if the moments with cloudless, deep blue skies were again rather rare.

Main Image Keith Haring’s Untitled (FDR NY) @ ArtBasel Unlimited