The Maverick

Be different, be unique

While working on the Bullfinch prints, I came up with another interpretation of the theme.

The bird that has freed itself from its golden cage to shine in its own bright colors. Perhaps the circumstances are no longer as easy as before, but he has become himself.
As a metaphor for this story, I changed various components on the prints. First and foremost, I printed the series on brown recycled paper instead of bright white paper to express the strange, uncomfortable environment one must first enter to be free.
The graphic pattern, which in the original version still stood for the plan and order, now mutates into a golden cage that shimmers enticingly but slips into the background. The bird rises up in front of it, defying the brown, defying the dark surroundings and glowing confidently in its own colors. He feels happiness, he feels beautiful, he is proud and he is free. He has found freedom…in himself.


  • Screen print on paper
  • 20cm x 20cm • 8″ x 8″
  • Edition of 12