Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 04 2024 | Riverside Park next to the elevated Riverside Highway

Average days

Even if you are surrounded by countless offers, there is also something like an everyday life in New York and days that just come and go.

As I’m not here as a tourist and for a short, limited time, but simply pursue my work and private life in a different place, there are also many days that are determined by a constant rhythm. Just everyday life. Work, household, doing errands, sport, Netflix, sleep. It’s not much different in New York than in Basel.

Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 04 2024 | Running along the Hudson River

On a run in the rain along the Hudson River

Find the difference

Nevertheless, I strive to find something special in every day. To consciously experience moments, to enjoy the here and now. Because even if the days are similar, they are not identical. Going out always helps. A few steps for a walk or a jog. And even if it’s the same laps every time, there’s always something new to see.

Matthias Maier | Plane tree fruit
Matthias Maier | Upside down
Matthias Maier | Plane tree bark

The beauty of trees on a rainy day

A glimpse of spring

At the beginning of the week, the weather changed from dry, sunny and very cold to gray, wet and warm. Whereby warm is relative, as temperatures were only a few degrees above freezing. Nevertheless, it was enough to go jogging in shorts again and give breathing a completely different feeling. 

So if the routines of my days this week were rather monotonous, around me there was change, like the one from snow and ice at the beginning of the week to blooming snowdrops, which I discovered in Central Park at the end of the week. 

Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 04 2024 | The Bow bridge in Central Park

Scenic views in Central Park

Artist’s life

Work is somewhat theoretical at the moment. I’m working on web projects for clients and optimizing my own website. I’m also planning an exhibition in the spring, for which I’m making initial arrangements. And ideas for new pictures are constantly buzzing around in my head and want to be captured and collected. Just everyday artistic life.

Main Image Riverside Park next to the elevated Riverside Highway in the Upper West Side