Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 18 2024 | Green Structures

Creative abundance

Another busy working week is over. Another week with countless tasks that were all ticked off at the end. Another week of rain, another week of spring.

And a new beginning was inherent in it as well – the month of May has arrived and with it the peak time of growth and flourishing. The time of the new, the creative and the exuberant. I became aware of this when I finally found some time to get out on Sunday. The days before had been so taken up with activities and commitments that I only marginally noticed everything that was happening around me. But when I finally took a few steps outside through the rain, I was immediately taken in by the abundance of growth that has taken place everywhere in the last few days. This myriad of leaves, shapes and shades of color. How many shades of green are there? And then the blossoms. Even more colors, more shapes, more structures and arrangements. An almost infinite diversity that opens up before our eyes. Which comes together to form a great whole that always fits and always harmonizes. Even though I have seen it many times in my life, the return of summer and this time of growth is a fascinating moment that makes me happy every year.

Matthias Maier | Beauty under a gray sky
Matthias Maier | Wisteria pergola
Matthias Maier | Sleeping beauty

Overflowing front gardens

Embedded in an amazing system

It makes me realize that we live as part of a universal system based on creativity. A system that celebrates abundance, beauty and diversity. A system that gives us everything we really need. In a book about trust in this universal system, I once read that even the thing we need most as living beings, namely water, pours down on us without us having to do anything. It simply falls down on us. Understanding this in this way sheds a completely different light on this extended period of rainy days in recent weeks.

Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 18 2024 | Dogwood blossoms

A sea of dogwood blossoms

The return of my friends in the sky

In addition to the Sunday on which all of this week’s photographs were taken, I have marked another day in bold in my calendar. On Tuesday, April 30, the sky above me was suddenly filled with swifts again, which have been chasing around the dormers ever since, bringing dynamism to the views that sweep across the city from there. The beautiful season has begun!

Matthias Maier | Yellow and teal
Matthias Maier | Elderberry and rapeseed by the river
Matthias Maier | Poppies on the riverbank

Wild growing nature on the riverbank

Main Image Green structures and shapes