Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 15 | View over Creux de Van to the Swiss Alps

A kind of copy & paste

Somehow this week was quite similar to the previous one. After a few days full of work, a great hike was on the agenda at the weekend.

It was the first real hike of the season. Thanks to the beautiful weather at the weekend, which was far too warm for the time of year, we were able to go on our first tour in the Swiss Jura. There is still too much snow in the Alps for that. Hikes in the Swiss Jura, on the other hand, have the advantage that you can see the entire snow-covered Alpine chain in front of you, standing out majestically white against the deep blue sky. And now, in spring, all this splendor is complemented by green meadows and yellow rapeseed fields that shine in the plain of the Swiss Plateau, bordering the shores of the lakes, which in turn compete with the blue of the sky. A colorful spectacle that simply feels good and makes you happy after all these months of winter monotony.

Matthias Maier | A canyon in the Jura mountains
Matthias Maier | Jura Ibexes
Matthias Maier | At the abyss

Cliffs and ibexes

A glimps of summer

The hike took us from Noiraigue up to the Creux de Van, an impressive rocky basin in the Neuchâtel part of the Jura. Up there, the crocuses were still in season and the trees were leafless. A herd of wild but not very shy ibexes provided a surprise before we set off on the long walk down into the valley to Lake Neuchâtel after having a picnic. The landscape became more colorful and, above all, greener. Down in the valley, farmers were haying the first meadows and it smelled of summer. With a cold snap predicted for the coming week and temperatures that are actually more in line with the season in our latitudes, I really enjoyed and appreciated this atmosphere.

Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 15 | View over the Swiss Plateau to the Alps
Matthias Maier | Rapeseed field

A world colored by spring

Moments full of variety

I was also destined to have another pre-summer experience on Tuesday morning. After a very mild night, I was able to do my yoga, which I often do in the early morning right after getting up, with the balcony door open for the first time and feel the warm air on my skin again. A few hours later, it was almost 20° less and I wore my wool sweaters again for a few days. April at its best!

On Friday, when it felt like early summer again, I added a new variation to my usual jogging route. A route that I discovered while hiking last weekend and that I just wanted to try. It’s great that even after 20 years in this relatively small town, there are still paths to discover!

Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 15 | The Rhine river on an early morning run

On a early morning run along the Rhine river

OMG – something unknown!

I also rediscovered the world of electric cars this week. Rather involuntarily though. The car I usually rent from car sharing to drive to my father’s on Thursdays had a problem and I was assigned a different car. I only realized that this was an electric model when I stood in front of it and discovered this cable in the hood that was connected to a device on the wall. My first reaction was “oh no!” and the thought came up to look for another car. But then I decided that I would face it now (partly because I was a bit pressed for time) and consulted the instructions available in the car sharing app. Lo and behold, I got the hang of it and now feel familiar with the technology. What a difference from the cars I drove when I was young and just got my driver’s license.

Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 15 | Little flower in the morning sun
Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 15 | Happy Chicken

Little moments of happiness

Crazy lifetime

What we always forget too much is all the changes that have taken place in our lives over the last few decades. How much of what existed in our early years and determined our lives back then has disappeared. How we have been affected by these continuous changes, which have probably never happened before in the history of mankind. It is not surprising that we can sink, despair or feel left behind. The older I get, the more I feel that I don’t have to go along with everything and I increasingly enjoy moments when I ignore my phone or tablet, preferring to keep a notebook and read books. I think I’m open to everything new, but I’m at an age where I can decide for myself what I need and what I don’t need. Lately, I’ve been enjoying more and more moments when I ignore my phone or tablet and prefer to keep a notebook and read books. Being more aware of my surroundings instead of just experiencing everything online.

Matthias Maier | Paintings | Alpine Landscape - Piz Kesch (small)

Alpine Landscape – Piz Kesch (small)

Studio work

I finished two paintings this week, a small and a large version of the Piz Kesch mountain in Graubünden, which I hiked past two years ago. The Geometrix prints I commissioned last week also arrived. As with the Swiss Birds prints, I was so pleased to hold the digital works printed on high quality paper in my hands. 

Finally, after thoroughly cleaning and dusting the studio, I started framing all the pictures for the upcoming exhibition. It’s nice to see how one thing slowly comes together with another and plans become reality.

Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 15 | The arrival of the prints

Unpacking the Geometrix prints

A wise saying at the end

Always remember, it’s never too late to start something new, to make a change or to follow your dream…

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Chinese proverb

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