Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 16 | Blossoming chestnut trees and view on Basel's cathedral

April Showers

It only took one day for the summery temperatures of the weekend to be replaced by cool and rainy April weather, which has dominated the whole week and my mood.

In line with the gloomy and cold and wet weather, my days were also filled with unspectacular work and the completion of tasks that had been pending for some time and for which the time had finally come to tackle them. You always put off the boring things or the things you don’t like doing. It would be much easier to do them straight away and then forget about them… But that seems to be part of human nature, procrastination. Although I used to be much worse in this respect and would say that I don’t procrastinate much these days. Nevertheless, it does happen and every time something can finally be ticked off, you feel very happy and wonder why you procrastinated for so long.

Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 16 | Fishing huts on the Rhine river

Fishing huts reflecting in the Rhine river

Unspectacular working days

In addition to organizational work with the property management and a few social activities, it was the preparations for my upcoming exhibition that took up a large part of the working week. Next week everything will be ready and I will then report separately about this exhibition.

Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 16 | Power station island
Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 16 | View from the power station

Views from the only run this week

Quiet moments at home

Although bad weather shouldn’t stop you from going out, I only went jogging once and only did the bare minimum outside. As a result, I took very few photos this week that captured anything of the weather. Including two brief sunny moments that hide the fact that it was quite fresh and windy. Instead, I spent my free time relaxing, reading a lot, cooking well, going to bed early… That’s fine too and worked out perfectly this week.

Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 16 | Moss and ferns on a wall

Litte beauties on an old wall

Main Image View from home on the Basel cathedral over blossoming chestnut trees