Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 20 | Rain showers over Jura mountains

Changeable days

The mixed weather continues and my days remain varied. I have also confirmed the solution to my mountain puzzle.

Somehow the weather just can’t decide whether it should be summer and sunny or stay rainy. The moments with a cloudless sky are few and far between. But the temperatures are pleasant, something is always blooming somewhere and the blackbirds are singing all day long. It’s like a continuous background music that’s always there, mixed with the sounds of the city, the cars, the streetcars, the words of people on the street. Most of the time you don’t really notice it, but then you suddenly become very aware of it and it makes me happy. Like the swifts that I’ve become accustomed to and that constantly glide through the sky. At the beginning of the week, I finally went out to the nursery and bought some plants to plant on the balcony. Now my favorite summer spot is ready for relaxing, eating, reading or working – when it is dry.

Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 20 | A sunny morning at Kleinriehen
Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 20 | Storm clouds over Basel

Sunny and less sunny moments in Basel this week

Getting things done

The varied activities of last week have continued this week. The final preparations for my exhibition, tenant search, web programming and graphics work, as well as various administrative tasks and the usual social appointments have dominated the days.

Matthias Maier | Strawberries
Matthias Maier | Card game pattern
Matthias Maier | Rhubarb

Local spring time fruits

Mission accomplished

To round off the week, I went for a spontaneous hike on Sunday. Two weeks ago, I wrote about the mystery of the Jura mountain that I can always see from my kitchen window and how I found out which mountain it was. As proof, I wanted to hike to this spot and see if there was a view of Basel from there. So I took the train to Sissach and hiked up to Sissacher Fluh from there. A wonderful, albeit quite steep ascent through flowering meadows and a beautiful forest. And then at the top, through a gap in the other hills in front of me, a view of the Roche towers and the district where I live. Mission accomplished! And because it was so beautiful, I continued on and hiked back to Sissach via the Bischofsheim ruins. It’s always nice how much satisfaction a day in nature gives you. You feel so relaxed, so grounded.

Matthias Maier | Tool shed
Matthias Maier | Wild flowers
Matthias Maier | Sissacher Fluh
Matthias Maier | Stories | Week 20 | View from Sissacher Fluh on Basel

Beautiful Sunday hike and the proof of my puzzle

Main Image Rain showers over Jura hills